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If you’re a business local to the Midlands area, then we can help drive relevant customers to your business using targeted Paid Search. Local PPC allows you to reach potential customer local to your business using Paid Search ads.


Local Paid Search is the same process as doing a global Paid Search. The only differences are that the targeted keywords are Geo-targeted to your local area to find new customers for your business.


Within local Paid Search, you can still utilize everything that Google AdWords has to offer, such as PPC, Display Advertising, Remarketing and YouTube Advertising.


Local PPC has more of a personalised approach. This means the user no longer needs to type their location to see results which might be relevant to their location.


We’ve helped heaps of companies through the Midlands and specifically within Stratford upon Avon to help drive more exposure online and more importantly increase sales.



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Local PPC, or Local Pay-Per-Click, is a regional paid advertising strategy designed to target prospective customers within a particular area. The purpose of Local PPC is to target people within your service areas or drive people physically to your place of business.

Google Local Campaigns

They look a lot like location extensions and are eligible to appear in Google Maps, in Google search through Google Maps or GMB, on YouTube, and within Google’s display network.


Unlike location extensions, which accompany your text ad, local campaign ads are the ad unit itself. Once you set the campaign budget, Google generates these ads for you automatically and displays them across the networks listed above.


This strategy plays an important role when it comes to creating highly targeted, customised campaigns.


By using geo-targeting strategies in Google Ads, you can deliver your message to your prospective customers based on their geographical location.

Local Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a crucial part of your AdWords campaigns.


The two most popular ad extension types among advertisers are location and call extensions.

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