Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

PPC campaigns designed to be highly targeted to drive conversions to your business

Is PPC Marketing Right For Your Business?

Paid Search is for ever-changing with new features rolled out by AdWords that requite consistent changes and updates. You can rest assured that here at Some Agency we’re here to help you get the results you need to take your business to the next step.


PPC is a gateway to new customers whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or drive conversions (sales, sign up & downloads. Here at Some, all of our PPC specialists are AdWords qualified.


Regardless if you’re looking for a Paid Search audit or Some Agency to help develop full long term Paid Search strategy we’re on hand to make sure you have the right tools and skills for success.

Working With Some Agency

Here at SomeAgency, we provide marketing services to startups and all other businesses all shapes and sizes looking for a partner for their paid media activity (Paid Search & Paid Social). We work with you, not for you.


Our PPC team develops profitable paid marketing strategies and campaigns for all of our clients. We use data-driven insights alongside a combination of technology and creativity to drive high-performance campaigns that make a real difference to your bottom line.


We make sure all of our Paid Search strategies are in line with your Organic strategies so both channels can work together and complement each other rather than having both channels working in silo.


Let our specialists review your current Paid Search performance


To help your business grow and strive online

A successful PPC strategy is built in line with your business goals. The following services explain how we approach PPC for our clients:

Our Approach To Google Adwords

AdWords (Google Ads) can help any business to achieve great results – whether that be growing online visibility of your brand through standard AdWords Search activity, the Google Display network or YouTube. Or maybe your business goal is more conversion-focused by generating online sales and increasing your businesses ROI from sales to sign up and downloads to your website.

Search, Display & Shopping Campaigns

While Search campaigns are usually a significant focus of most Google AdWords (Google Ads) accounts. There are other ways we can utilise through Google AdWords, such as Google Shopping, Google Display Network and Remarketing. These are all great ways of increasing brand awareness and driving higher ROI.

Promote Your Products & Services

Google AdWords (Google Ads) is an excellent way for businesses to increase their online visibility. By tailoring campaigns to those most interested in your product or service, you can reach out to new potential customers.

Work Towards a Better ROI

If sales are what you are after, we’ll maximise the profitability of your AdWords (Google Ads) campaigns and drive towards your desired ROI goal. We’re experts in all aspects of Google AdWords, and we are specialists within B2B and B2C AdWords accounts.

FREE PPC Consultation

Speak to one of our team today and book your FREE PPC Consultation, while providing you with some easy recommendations to help get you started and look to educate your further on PPC and how your business can benefit.


Learn more about our approach to PPC

Our approach to PPC is highly consultative. We believe in sharing the value of our experience and for most businesses that value is in in-depth performance analysis, strategic guidance, operational optimisation and forecasting, not adjusting bids, budgets and ads.


Our expert consultants have years of experience in the operational and strategic delivery of paid search. From account performance audits and architecture set-ups to successful shopping campaigns, remarketing and display integrations – we’ve seen and successfully done it all.


Starting with an operational review, our consultants will dig into every nook and cranny of your PPC to uncover performance barriers and discover growth opportunities. We’ll then help you implement the optimal management solution to maximise your chances of PPC success.


Whether you’re looking to have an agency manage all your PPC activity or you’d like to take some control in-house, our PPC services have been carefully crafted to ensure that everything we do adds value to your PPC plans.

SomeAgency SEO Approach

Common PPC Questions

Why is PPC important?

PPC is a type of Internet marketing in which the advertiser pays a charge whenever their ad is clicked on a search page. PPC advertising offers a cost-effective way to boost an online advertisement presence while still netting a considerable profit.

Can you explain how the Google auction works?

When a user searches something on Google, AdWords will pull all the ads which keywords match that particular search.

From the ads, any that aren’t eligible, such as ads that target a different country or that aren’t relevant, will be ignored.
From the ads remaining, only those with a high enough Ad Rank will show results.

What is PPC?

PPC is an online advertising channel in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads.